Bonnie and I get along very well, but for purposes of a website address, our last names do not. While we both believe the name “Brownell Landrigan” has a good ring to it, creating the right website address proved…interesting: was unavailable. I was disappointed to find that its owner was not Buy n Large from Pixar’s Wall*E. was unavailable (and would have been our prior website address if not).
was quite long and had far too many L’s for even above-average spellers to navigate. Saying it aloud sounds like the recording is skipping when reach the “L’s.” offers clarity at the expense of length and a hyphen, everyone’s favorite character to type in a website address. Typing out five times fast may give you carpal tunnel syndrome. was both unavailable and sounds like a colorful reference to a location rather than a corporation.,,
,, and were unavailable. was also unavailable, although the picture of books and a gavel do not quell my suspicions of cybersquatting. would have only solved the three L’s and length problem with an annoying hyphen and looking like “Brownell No. 1.” We assure you that Bonnie is not the first of several clones. was slightly better but still has a hyphen and was getting rather long to justify chopping off such a beautiful name as “Landrigan.” sounded like a fraternity party. Interesting fact: directs you “Wilderness Environmental Services – Vegetation Management & GIS.” Not sure of the connection. was not on the top of the list but already taken anyway, apparently by “Bev.” I do not know who “Bev” is apart from the fact that she has a “Page” and likes the colors blue and gold. was getting closer but still had a hyphen and sounded like a cosmetic shop. was even closer but still looked a bit odd and did not shake that annoying hyphen. was closer still but still had that hyphen. was unavailable (and did not signal “law firm”).

Which led us to

We accept the fact that people may call us asking to speak with the “real” owner of the firm, Mr. Brolan. We may even put a placard for him somewhere in the office.