Our Clients

Over the last decade, Brownell Landrigan (formerly The Brownell Law Firm) has represented hundreds of federal employees in the federal forum. We work for clients throughout the country and across the federal government.
We represent employees at every level of the organizational chart, from entry-level officials, GS-level supervisors, to the senior executive service and political appointees in agency offices throughout the country, including intelligence agencies.

Whether beginning their federal careers or retirement eligible, most are unaccustomed to inquiries and allegations that suggest they have engaged in misconduct. They each come to us during difficult times in their careers and want to ensure they make the right decisions to protect their career. Some have made mistakes, some have not. Federal employees often work in difficult bureaucratic environments with inadequate resources and constantly changing technical, administrative, and political landscapes.

Federal employees are often the target of false allegations, frequently from disgruntled subordinates, or under investigation for Agency-wide, systemic problems. Many do not even know the specific allegations against them.

Protecting career interests is challenging, frustrating, and stressful, personally and professionally. Making the right decisions in these circumstances is critical to maintaining financial stability and professional opportunities.

Starr Wright USA

Starr Wright USA, the premier provider of federal employee professional liability coverage, has chosen us as legal counsel to represent its over 30,000 members.