Disciplinary Actions

From reprimands to removals, we take all disciplinary actions seriously, recognizing that years of hard work and excellent performance are in jeopardy. We draw on our expertise to develop the most persuasive factual record and legal response, proposing creative solutions to difficult situations. To do so, we assess not only the charges and relevant evidence but also our client’s career history, personal circumstances, professional talents, and vocational goals.

The first step in defending against a disciplinary action – responding to a proposal for discipline – is critical. An employee must carefully assess the situation and develop the right strategy for maximizing the chances of securing the withdrawal or mitigation of the discipline proposed while building and preserving the record for appeal if necessary. A persuasive presentation at this initial stage often provides the best opportunity to protect an employee’s career.

For clients who receive discipline, we assess all available options for appeal to provide them with tried and tested advice focused on protecting their careers. When necessary, we zealously litigate on their behalf.