Our Approach

We are our clients' trusted counselor and advisor, dedicated to identifying risk, assessing options, and implementing well-reasoned strategies to achieve realistic goals. We protect our clients' best interests with expertise, tenacity, and common sense.
Brownell Landrigan is a law firm focused on defending federal employees and contractors who are investigated, sued, or disciplined for allegations of wrongdoing that threaten their careers.

We educate and counsel our clients, assuring they understand and appreciate their need for legal defense counsel to protect their most valuable assets, their careers.

Our Approach

We assist clients in responding to inquiries and allegations against them responsibly and professionally, advising them as to their rights and obligations as witnesses, targets, subjects, and/or defendants. When our clients face adverse actions such as disciplines and revocations of security clearances, we work closely with them to develop personalized defense strategies focused on protecting their professions.

Personalized Defense

We defend our clients against allegations of wrongdoing that threaten their careers and advise our clients from a perspective that focuses on their long-term goals and personal best interests.

We understand that confrontation with the federal government must be undertaken intelligently with extensive preparation, thorough documentation and a creative, well-founded and well-researched legal theory, uniquely tailored to our client’s needs.

Long-Term Solutions
Our clients often find themselves addressing difficult situations that require an advocate and advisor dedicated to bringing stability to their professional lives and protecting their career aspirations. We draw on our experience, providing persuasive, creative, professional, and impassioned advocacy focused on long-term solutions that address personal circumstances, professional talents, and vocational goals. We pick the right battles at the right times.
Experience and Expertise

Over the last ten years, we have represented hundreds of clients in a wide range of government investigations, assisted many clients in responding to proposed disciplinary actions, and litigated before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, agency offices responsible for security clearance determinations, and similar forums.

When encountering potential exposure to criminal charges, we provide our clients with the benefit of our well-established relationships with respected criminal defense attorneys throughout the country.

Attention to Detail

We take pride in our attention to detail. While investigations and administrative processes frequently follow familiar patterns, each case is unique and requires a careful analysis of the relevant facts and a creative assessment of all possible defensive strategies.

We have developed a number of best practices to ensure that we are “looking under every rock” to protect our clients’ interests. Resolutions of cases frequently turn on a single fact discovered only after close and careful scrutiny of the situation.

Legal Counsel, Not a Legal Blog
There is a reason you do not find a blog on our website. While it may be tempting to gather freely accessible information on the internet and rely on this information as legal advice, a legal blog cannot substitute for legal counsel. A blog cannot listen to you, assess your specific situation, and provide you the personalized legal advice you deserve. It is also difficult to remain objective while developing a legal strategy when your personal interests are at risk, making it all the more important to rely on experienced counsel committed to protecting these interests.